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HMRC responded to the initial claims with requests for


November 25th, 2013

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Replica Handbags I recently visited a small company in Scotland. The accountants for the company had submitted a research and development tax credit claim on their behalf apparently after prompting by the company directors who realised they had missed out on tax credit relief for many years. The file reviewed clearly indicates that the accountants were struggling to understand the tax credit claim rules; the file contained printouts and diagrams of how to claim. HMRC responded to the initial claims with requests for supporting evidence. This letter lay on file at the accountants and was not responded to although the information needed appeared not too difficult to provide. The time limit expired and the tax credit claim fell. No tax credit claims were subsequently made. There was also an indication that not all the claimed expenditure qualified. Despite this, a third party file review subsequently indicated that tax credits of perhaps 300,000 were lost for the two years of the claim. It is not known how much more could have been achieved if all the claims available to the SME had been timeously and properly submitted Replica Handbags.

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