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He threw his considerable organizational skills and financial


August 30th, 2013

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I been wearing these perfumes for a week now and so far I find Original Colonia the most interesting. I don find it soapy. On the contrary: after lavender and powdery iris like rose step aside I smell russian church, old men praying, lit candles burning and aromatic oils from incensory.

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This is the Catholic youth we dream of, both in terms of form in its mobilization, and in terms of its actions (future challenges). If at first we were skeptical when to the relevance of such a gathering in the context of a young pilgrimage, we have been forced to note that the usual codes have been broken to give a special color to this hat. Low hat to all organizers, to the Diocesan Office of Youth Ministry who invited us to believe in this project before-
Here are more than 30,000 young people come to communion following Christ around the words: Sharing, union, peace and
Let’s take our place, the one that comes to us right because human and Ivorian, and because we have only one country as a young Ivorian to fully exercise our faith in
Once again congratulations to all the diocesan youth of Abidjan headed by President Nda Evra, our predecessors who we put at good school, President Roland Katou my godfather, President Cauphy Didier N’guessan, I do not forget President Lucien Pio Soya Fabrice Ochou my contemporaries Avalone Gerdice Mandounou John Peter Opaah Abraham Hermes Kelly Replica.

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