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? Hairpin with a facial to enhance the beauty and look cute


November 5th, 2013

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The team is working with an organization called GemText, which works with groups like the basketball teams to set up, promote and manage the eco friendly textile collection drive. GemText will pay the team between 15 and 20 cents per pound for the collected textiles. A typical white trash bag full of items weighs about 24 pounds, meaning the team will receive between $3.50 and $5 per bag.

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replica Purse Lets do a death battle!

The two fighters!

Sota(Shadow Draco)
Draco Hyfas

The Advantages

*Immortality(Note: NOT INVINCIBILITY, Just means Age and Sickness can’t kill him, physical wounds can)
*Deity Status
*Unsensible Energy
*Resistance to Dark Magic(As Shadow Draco)
*High Intellect
*High Power Level

*Corpse Resurrection
*Resistance to Dark Magic
*High Intellect
*In Natural Body
*High Power Level

The Disadvantages

*Lack Of Invincibility
*Inability to use some of Draco’s abilities
*Not in Natural body

*Lack of Invincibility
*Poor Eyesight(Without glasses Due to his eyes changing color)
*Weaker than his Shadow counterpart

Who do you think would win? replica Purse

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