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For example, the local government committee did a good job


January 19th, 2018

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The use of spices in the food is a must for Indian food, just like for Emirati food. “Just have a look at their food and ours and you can see it’s the same in many dishes. We still import rice from India and we like to use our hands when we eat, just like Indians.”They even made us addicted to their magical drink, karak chai [strong tea]. In the 1800s, the world lived in fear of two things: the wrath of MechaNapoleon, and the horror of having been accidentally buried alive. The latter can be blamed on a cholera epidemic that was ravaging Western society and was capable of putting people into dead esque comas. It was such a popular fear of the times, even Edgar Allan Poe got in on the action and penned The Premature Burial, which was a massive hit and only made things worse.

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