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Even when the characters really didn’t want a child (as is the


August 2nd, 2013

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Played utterly straight in ElfQuest. Even when the characters really didn’t want a child (as is the case with Dewshine and Tyldak), the baby is still treated as a small miracle. Later on in the comic, Dewshine is seen absolutely beside herself with joy because her lifemate, Scouter, has made another girl pregnant. Several healers, including Leetah and Rain, have made it practically their life’s work to increase the tribe’s fertility. Leetah’s sister Shenshen is one of her village’s most respected members because she’s a midwife. Lord Voll forces an entire tribe to bend to his will just so he can see the chief’s children; later Winnowill, the Big Bad, uses one of the kids both as Human Shield against the tribe and as motivation for her human pets, who understood elves to be basically sterile. Nonna and Adar, two humans, lead lonely and meaningless lives because they’re barren, and are only shown to be truly happy once they’ve adopted three young orphans. Krim is willing to sacrifice her own life during the war until she finds out she’s pregnant. Tyleet adopts a human baby who gets abandoned by his parents. And so on and so forth. The in story justification for this, at least for the elves, is that elves have long lives and extremely low fertility, so every birth is celebrated no matter how strange the circumstances. As a further touch, almost every elven birth is caused by Recognition, a magical way to ensure that the child is specially gifted as a consequence of that particular genetic union. Of course, none of this stuff explains why the trope is implied to the relatively primitive humans present in the setting. Primitive human societies generally need all the population they can get, too.

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