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Crosses don’t seem to faze them (Marie goes into a church)


July 3rd, 2013

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i doubt your mother would approve

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replica handbags china Extra Strength Masquerade: A dead man wakes up in the morgue and runs out past a crowd of reporters. A man spontaneously combusts in his hospital bed in front of a team of doctors and nurses. A man survives being slammed into head first by a bus, then hijacks it by jumping through the windshield. And multiple vampires walk around flashing fangs and Kaleidoscope Eyes at random people. The Muggles take precisely zero notice of any of this. Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: Marie insists on only feeding on people she thinks deserve it. Game Face: Marie has a scary one. Attorney Sinclair. Kaleidoscope Eyes: Vampires’ eyes glow in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, white, blue, and red. Fish Eyes: They really had a problem keeping those contact lenses lined up. Kinky Cuffs: When Marie decides to have sex with Joe Gennaro, she allows him to cuff her hands behind her back so she can’t harm him. During sex she vamps out and breaks the cuffs, but just continues having sex without killing him. The Mafia: Yup. Magic Pants: When Marie changes into mist, her clothes change with her. Mob War: Sal is in one, and Marie uses it to cover her tracks. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Seriously, doesn’t matter if you’re a vampire: don’t mess with a guy named “Sal the Shark.” Not Using the “Z” Word: There are vampire movies that characters in the movie watch but the word “vampire” is not uttered once. Only One Name: Marie. Our Vampires Are Different: The vampires’ powers seem to be fairly standard. They operate at night, threy drink blood with fangs, they’re repelled by garlic, they sizzle like cakes on the griddle in sunlight, they’re super fast and super strong, here they can turn into mist, and they have a Healing Factor. Crosses don’t seem to faze them (Marie goes into a church), and their visage is reflected in mirrors (Marie breaking the rearview mirror after her first kill). At first, it’s just headshots and sunlight. By the last ten minutes or so, neck snaps are doing the trick. Playing Against Type: Don Rickles as a mob lawyer and later vampire. Red Eyes, Take Warning: When vampires feed, their eyes glow red. Rule 1: Marie’s rules of feeding. Rule Number One is “don’t play with the food.” Rule Number Two is “always finish the food.” Too bad she broke Rule Number Two. Sawed Off Shotgun: How Marie likes to “finish the food.” Super Senses: “I can hear an angel fart.” Television Geography: The Fort Pitt Tunnels, which Sal drives out of when he sees the rising sun, face northeast so there’s no way he could have seen the rising sun head on from there. Justified by the Rule of Cool, though. Toilet Humour:Coroner:”Some nights there’s so much farting and belching in here, it’s like being in a ballpark. replica handbags china

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high quality designer replica handbags Funetik Aksent: Krazy’s extremely thick Brooklyn/New Orleans akcent. Krazy’s Akcent iz meant to be the “yat” akcent of New Orleans, an akcent that Krazy’s kreator would have kome into kontact with and probably spoke. It sounds a lot like a Brooklyn akcent, thanx largely to a very similar blend of ethnicities having settled in the area. Fur Is Clothing: Lampshaded in one strip: Krazy klaims to have a “netural sense of modesty”, being “complitly clothed in a garmint of fur”, and regards Ignatz as “nude” bekause he doesn’t have fur himself. Funny Background Event: Frequent. In fact, Ignatz and Krazy themselves started out as a funny background event; see “Breakout Kharakter” above. Gender Bender: Krazy Kat. Needless to say, a raging inversion of Tertiary Sexual Kharacteristics as well. Reportedly, Herriman regarded Pupp, Kat, and Mouse as being “pixies” who had neither sex nor gender, feeling that such issues were rather outside the sensibilities of the strip. Generation Xerox: This whole “brick tossing” thing apparently started in ancient Egypt, when the “noble Roman rodent” Marcantonni Mouse and the “siren of the Nile”, Kleopatra Kat, were in love. Marcantonni Mouse didn’t know how to express his feelings, so he got someone to chisel a love poem on a brick and threw it at her while she was daydreaming. The rest, as they say, is history. Getting Crap Past the Radar: In one early strip, Krazy wonders if Ignatz doesn’t love her any more, as “he spermed me”. Gold Digger: In one komik, Ignatz finds out that Krazy’s aunt and uncle are planning to leave Krazy all their money. Suddenly he’s very interested in Krazy, serenading the kat and bringing kandy and poetry. Krazy senses that something is off and is relieved when Ignatz, finding out that the money isn’t going to Krazy after all, goes back to his usual brick throwing. G Rated Drug: Tiger Tea. It makes a worm believe it is an anakonda. Even more shockingly, it gives Krazy self konfidence. Suddenly he/she is no longer passively taking bricks to the head, and instead takes the initiative, grabbing Ignatz by the tail and dragging him away. Herriman so enjoyed Tiger Tea’s personality altering kharakteristiks that he extended the storyline to last nearly a year, making it the longest story in the strip’s history. High on Catnip: Due to prohibition, Krazy and his fellow kats have to eat “near katnip”, which doesn’t have the same “kick”. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Heroin!: Cheese. When the mice have a “Fromage Festival” it turns into a full on cheese riot, and Krazy wakes up hungover and promptly signs up at Temperance Headquarters. Krazy: Nevva again high quality designer replica handbags.

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