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October 31st, 2013

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Eleven Makos swim team members attended the
Our swimmers have shown great commitment to their training and this was evident in their exceptional performances on Saturday, said Coach Elsworth Phillip, pointing out that many of the Makos swimmers not only did well in their events but also set personal best
The BVI team did exceptionally well against the other competitors, proving that their hard work is paying off although the intent was a fun meet, said parent Shauna
Swimmers who competed were Makeeda Christopher, Diimori Maduro, Kayla Roberts, Tia Roberts, Arianna Angus, Jada Angus, Giselle Archibald-Bowers, Kassia Haymer, Kurt Godwin Salapare, Alexander Chinnery, and Raheem
Makos will now gear up to compete at the upcoming May and June swim meets in

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