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“Blind Idiot” Translation: Thought it never gets downright


August 11th, 2013

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replica handbags china Halfway Plot Switch: Played with: while regular “revenge” movie structure would have Darby survive for a long(er) time because of sheer luck, Magnificent Bastard Hidden Depths or being connected to a bigger criminal conspiracy of some type, he (and Ames) dies very early and the movie instead focuses on Clyde’s progression into an In Universe Real Life “super villain”, mustache twirling included. Harmful to Minors: Rice’s daughter puts on what she thinks is a DVD of her ballet recital, but it’s actually a DVD of Shelton torturing Darby to death. He Who Fights Monsters: Clyde. Hoist by His Own Petard: Clyde is warned not to remotely activate his last bomb. He does so anyway, only to realize it was moved to under his seat. Hollywood Law: Ames must have had one bad defense attorney if he’s put to death purely on the say so of his partner, on the question of which one of them was a murderer, a partner who is implied to have a much longer and nastier criminal record to boot. Apparently he never thought to call the husband as a witness either. And the prosecution are the only ones who even remotely care about his opinion as well, and still dismiss it. The reason he’s sentenced and his partner is effectively let off is a piece of evidence was contaminated by a CSU during the investigation, and all the admissible evidence is suppressed under Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine. The problem with this is, Fruit of the Poisonous Tree only applies to evidence collected through rights violations, and more often than not it only applies to any confession made by the defendant. A piece of evidence contaminated during investigation of the crime scene isn’t applicable. They should have been able to get both intruders convicted based on Clyde’s testimony alone, even if the DNA evidence was contaminated. Ames seemed more likely to have rolled than Darby anyway, since he apparently didn’t participate in the actual murders/rapes (though he would still be on the hook due to the Felony Murder rule) and appeared upset by them (though whoever rolls on their accomplice first often gets the deal). While the City and County of Philadelphia are consolidated, which therefore gives the Mayor powers ordinarily wielded by the commissioners of other Pennsylvania counties, the District Attorney’s office is independent. District attorneys in Pennsylvania are elected county officials, and the Assistant District Attorneys like Nick are county employees. Hypocritical Humor: Nick keeps leaving his cell phone on while in court with a certain judge. While in a meeting with her later, her cell rings, and he calls her on it. Turns out there’s a gun in the phone. I Have a Family: Subverted. Darby is about to execute the police officer whose car he stole replica handbags china.

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