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Be good! Up to the lips a little shadow should make the lips


March 8th, 2014

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Then he thought again and said to himself, And the bus company will get a lot of money from the bus fare and will not lack anything because of this amount, so I will keep The I consider it a gift from God
stopped the bus at the station that he wants the imam, but before it comes out of the door for a moment and extending his hand stopped and gave the first driver pence and said to him:
took her driver smiled and asked: Are not the new Imam in this region? I have been thinking for a while about going to your mosque to know about Islam and I have given you the extra money deliberately to see how it will be. And when the imam came down from the bus he felt weak in his legs and almost fell to the ground of awe of the situation. O Allah! I would sell Islam by 20
Dear beloved: The goal of this story is that we may never see human reactions to our actions.

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