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As Canadians, we gave them hockey! So we give and take stuff


December 4th, 2017

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replica hermes birkin As a Canadian, this warms my heart. It’s sad how cricket is often overlooked in our sports culture. We are a hockey nation purely and proudly!! Baseball is also here thanks to our illustrious neighbours to the south. However, being of Indian descent, cricket will always have a special place in my heart. Many Canadians have heard and seen the game of cricket. It’s simply NOT in our blood as people, especially for those of us who have ZERO touch with the old world. Cricket was introduced to me by my father in the late 90s. I too was a forgetful Canadian kid who clung on to my Indian heritage along linguistic and religious lines. But once I watched a few games of cricket, I fell in love. The Canadian in me still refuses to embrace test cricket, cause its too long. However, the ODIs and T20s are my fav. Cricket is sadly only played by immigrants in Canada. It is up to these groups of players to spread the message of cricket to mainstream Canadians. It’s worth the try. The Americans have always had a HUGE influence in our society and sports culture. It actually cuts both ways. The Americans gave us football as in ‘American’ version, baseball and basketball. As Canadians, we gave them hockey! So we give and take stuff. The French you speak about are Quebecois or Franco Canadians from the province of Quebec. They have historically disliked the British/English and have always made it a pledge to deviate from whatever the rest of the country does. Cricket will NEVER find a home here. It’s a sad thing. Only immigrants hold on to it. It will be a while before mainstream Canadians accept and embrace the sport itself replica hermes birkin.

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