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As banks and investors of all kinds took on more and more in


January 5th, 2013

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Basically, the Republicans propose a magical land that is mathematically impossible, the United States of Wishful Thinking. Economically, it would require a domination of the world’s resources that is long gone as a realistic alternative, now that India and China demand a share of the riches commensurate to their population. America can’t just grab more toys in the sandbox as we did in the past, we have no choice but to share. Finland, Denmark, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Canada all have excellent education systems, lower rates of crime and incarceration, universal health care, and much less income inequality. All have a large and thriving middle class and no dearth of wealthy individuals, but experience a far wider distribution of social and economic equity. In Paris, cancer will never bankrupt you. In Berlin, no one drowns in student loans. And in neither place does anyone complain anywhere as much as we do about taxes, even though they are far higher there than they are here.

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Replica Designer Handbags Now that even the crappiest mortgages could be sold to conservative investors, the CDOs spurred a massive explosion of irresponsible and predatory lending. In fact, there was such a crush to underwrite CDOs that it became hard to find enough subprime mortgages read: enough unemployed meth dealers willing to buy million dollar homes for no money down to fill them all. As banks and investors of all kinds took on more and more in CDOs and similar instruments, they needed some way to hedge their massive bets some kind of insurance policy, in case the housing bubble burst and all that debt went south at the same time. This was particularly true for investment banks, many of which got stuck holding or “warehousing” CDOs when they wrote more than they could sell. And that were Joe Cassano came in. Replica Designer Handbags

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