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Area Apartment 174


February 18th, 2013

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Area Apartment 174.4m2 – Square heart area 194.96 m2 (floor 1: 107.89m2, mezzanine floor: 87.07m2) Status:

Price: 17,500 USD
Rental price: 3,000 USD / furniture / 2,700 USD – 2,800,000 USD / no furniture – KITCHEN: Doors: glass doors, accessories Hafele high-grade door
Wall: GlassKote glass, high-grade paint JOTUN
Floor: High quality anti-skid tile
Ceiling: Kitchen cabinets imported from Japan cleanup
stainless steel kitchen counter surface stamping scratch resistant
stainless steel stainless steel wash basin anti-scratch, anti-noise, anti-stain
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