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American Progressive Bag Alliance contends that the new law


April 14th, 2013

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Stella McCartney replica Bans reduce plastic pollution and waste, lower bag costs at grocery stores, and now we seeing job growth in California at facilities that produce better alternatives. American Progressive Bag Alliance contends that the new law threatens nearly 2,000 well paying California jobs in the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry and also represents a government sponsored, billion dollar transfer of wealth from working families to grocers in the form of fees on paper and thicker plastic bags; no money collected from bag fees will be used for environmental programs or for any public purpose.While Stella McCartney Replica Bags many cities have already imposed it own ban on single use plastic bags, Solano County didn take a position on the bag ban and instead took a wait an see approach, according to Michelle Heppner, legislative, intergovernmental and public affairs officer.Still, shoppers are preparing now to use their own reusable my own bag that I keep, wash and reuse, said Donna Horn as she walked into the Nugget in Vacaville for a quick shopping trip Stella McCartney replica.

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