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Almost all of the fans accept this


August 12th, 2013

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Tropes: Atlantis Is Boring: While it’s somewhat played with in that the Triseraquins complain that they haven’t received any visitors since their city was sunk, as they seem to be the only people under the sea, the underwater realm itself is lushly portrayed as beautiful and full of strange life (there’s a rather nice sequence during Jack’s trip devoted to showing just how much weird stuff there is down there), and there’s certainly plenty going on to keep Jack busy in Oceanus itself. Easily Forgiven: Jack easily forgives the Triseraquins for selling him out to Aku and nearly getting him killed, as after all, few can resist Aku’s wiles and trickery. Eaten Alive: After being shipwrecked, Jack is swallowed whole by huge fish. He still gets a good view of the outside world thanks to the fish’s back being a transparent dome, and he manages to manipulate its nerve ganglia to get it where he wants it to go. Fish People: What the Triceraquins are. Giant Squid: Aku takes on this form to fight the Triseraquins’ military when they try to fight him. No Celebrities Were Harmed: One of the Triceraquins has a voice similar to Ringo Starr and is even named “Ringo” in the credits. It helps that he’s voiced by Jess Harnell, who used the same Ringo impression for Wacko Warner. Organic Technology: The Triseraquins make heavy use of this their vehicles all appear to be highly modified fish, and even the fake time machine and a good portion of their city are organic in nature. Time Machine: Rumors of one such machine are the reason why Jack seeks out Oceanus in the first place, so that he can return to the past and prevent Aku from taking over the world. Sadly, it doesn’t exist it was all just a trick to lure Jack into a trap. Trademark Favorite Food: This episode establish’s Jack’s love of sushi. The Triseraquins even give him a whole bag of the stuff to make up for tricking him. Underwater City: Oceanus, the city of the Triceraquins, built as a system of waterproof domes on top of high tech towers. It used to be a City on the Water instead, but Aku banished them beneath the ocean to where their city is now. It returns to the surface by the end of the episode.

Replica Hermes Belt She never told him where she lives, so the only way he could know is replica hermes bags if he’d been there before. He was the one who murdered the Victim of the Week, who was trying to knock on Jo’s door at the time. Immortality: The only truly fantastical element in the show, although Henry and Adam’s immortality follows certain rules: Resurrective Immortality: If either of them die, their body disappears (clothes and all), and they wake up naked in the closest large body of water completely uninjured. Replica Hermes Belt

Hermes Replica Handbags Life with Archie: The Married Life: Wendell, the Mysterious Stranger taken in as a busboy for the Chocklit Shoppe by Jughead, is later revealed in Issue 36 to be a homophobic gunman who shot Kevin Keller’s husband Clay Walker during one of his robberies in Issue 22 and went on a rampage by shooting down gay employees in the Southport Mall in Issue 30, and now seeks to end Kevin’s life when his attempt to stop Kevin from becoming a senator on gun control failed. When Wendell discovers that his cover is being blown, he hides behind the crowd and pulls out a gun to shoot Kevin. However, Archie jumps into the fray to stop Wendell and ends up Taking the Bullet for Kevin, leading to Wendell’s arrest. Hermes Replica Handbags

Replica Hermes Handbags Let’s say that a show strongly hints at the possibility of Susie having lost a baby as a teenager. Almost all of the fans accept this, but the hints are vague enough so that they can also be interpreted to support the idea that the baby that died was Susie’s younger sister. Confirmation for the supporters of the first theory would come in the form of Susie over empathizing with a mother who has just lost her baby and being very tight lipped when Joe asks her why (why would be tight lipped if it was her sister?) and getting teary eyed when watching mothers interact with their children. So while Susie losing her sister fits with the hints (though not as well as the more widely accepted story), it doesn’t explain either of these situations, where Susie losing her daughter does Replica Hermes Handbags.

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