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May 9th, 2013

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Archery as SportArticle Home
There are three distinct styles of archery, each with its own kind of The style of equipment used in the Olympic competitions is known as the recurve A number of stabilizer weights are attached to various points on the riser, usually attached to the ends of carbon rods, thereby increasing the resistance to movement of the bow during release of the Arrows are made from carbon fibre, usually manufactured by wrapping round an alloy inner The most recent development in archery is that of the compound Of course with any bow design the accuracy achieved depends on the

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An update on our end:

We just got word from a man named Richard May who is with the law firm of Maples and Calders,(with offices on both Tortola and the Caymans), that my father, John Scurci,(pic attached), is okay, and he spoke with him while John was clearing debris from the driveway of his property, Emerald Reef, on Frenchman’s
Apparently Richard is walking around French Man’s Cay with a sat phone, and relaying info on people he counters back to his office in the Cayman’s to in turn reach out to loved ones looking for information on the
Everyone, hang in there and stay positive!

Everyone on this site, thank you so much for your help; please let us know what more we can do to help coordinate any relief efforts in the
Best Wishes and God Bless to all, #BVISTRONG Tamara Ogorzaly Ethan Plaut Replica Hermes Birkin

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