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” (Al-Nahl 51)
19 – The Almighty said: “And we have placed


August 16th, 2013

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7 – The Almighty said ((And those who if they committed obscene or wronged themselves, they mentioned God and ask forgiveness for their sins and those who forgive sins but Allah and did not insist on what they did and they know)) Imran (135) (Interpretation of the meaning): “If you spend the prayer, remember Allah in the resurrection And on your south(10) – 10 – The Almighty said ((The hypocrites are deceiving God and is deceiving them and if they pray, they are lazy People want to recite God only a little)) Women { 142}
11 – The Almighty said ((ask you what is permissible for them Say: I have given you the good things and what you learned from those who are guided, you know what you know, (4)
12 – The Almighty said ((And you do not eat what is mentioned by the name of God on him has been separated for you what was forbidden to you except what you have been forced to him and many to discredit their loved ones Without knowing that your Lord is the most knowledgeable of the aggressors)) Al-An’am (119)
14 – “Remember your Lord in yourself, You are one of those who are ignorant)) Al-A’raaf (205)
15 – Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “The believers are those who, if Allah is mentioned, (17) – The Almighty said ((Those who believe and rest their hearts in the remembrance of God, but the remembrance of God reassure hearts)) Thunder (28)
18 – The Almighty said (( ( Allah says: “Do not take two gods but one is the one God.” (Al-Nahl 51)
19 – The Almighty said: “And we have placed on their hearts a place to understand Him and in their ears and tribulations. 46}
20 – The Almighty said ((Except that(24)

21 – The Almighty said ((I am God, there is no God but I worship and pray for my memory)) Taha {14}
22 – The Almighty said ((and remind you a lot)) Taha (34)
23 – The Almighty said ((And the Nun when he went angrily thinking that we will not appreciate it in the darkness called that there is no god but you Glory you I was the oppressors)) Prophets { 87}
24 – The Almighty said ((to witness the benefits of them and me (28)
25 – The Almighty said ((Those who mention Allah and overcome their hearts and those who persevere in what they have suffered and those who recite the prayer and what we have provided them spend) (Hajj) {35}
26 – The Almighty said ((Those who were driven out of their homes without a right only to say God our Lord and that God did not pay people to each other for the demolition of silos and sale arrived (27) – 27 – The Almighty said ((in the houses of God’s permission to raise and mention his name swim him in the dark and authentic)) Light (36) The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)
28 – The Almighty said ((men do not distract them trade and selling the mention of God and establish prayer and give Zakat fear a day when hearts and eyes fluctuate)) Light (37)
29 – He said ((Except those who believe and did Panels and remember Allah much, and they were victorious after they have been wronged and will teach those who do wrong any Capsized turning)) Poets {227}
30 – The Almighty said ((Recite what is revealed to you of the Book and keep up prayer, prayer forbids indecency and evil and said God is great and God knowsWhat do you make?) The spider {45}
31 – The Almighty said ((You have been in the Messenger of Allah as a good example of those who seek God and the Last Day and reminded God so much)) Parties (21)
32 – Muslims, Muslims, believers, believers, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, men, women, women, women and men. And the remembrance of Allah is much and the memories God prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward)) The parties {35}
33 – The Almighty said ((O you who believe! Remember Allah a great male)) Parties (41)
34 – (22)

35 – The Almighty said ((And if God alone mentioned the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter, and if it is mentioned in the name of Allah, (45)

36 – The Almighty said ((Did not those who believe that the hearts of the hearts of the remembrance of God and what came down from the truth and not be like those who were given the book by the long-term Vkst their hearts and many of them are evil) ) The iron {16}
37 – The Almighty said ((O you who believe if we pray for the day of Friday and seek to mention God and sell the sale that is better for you if you know)) Friday (9)
38 – Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “O ye who believe! Your wealth and your children will not tell you about the remembrance of Allaah, and whoever does that will do so replica handbags online.

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