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After the End: Caused by nuclear war and the ensuing nuclear


May 10th, 2013

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Replica Bags Action Girl/Biker Babe: Rai of the Haniwa movement. After the End: Caused by nuclear war and the ensuing nuclear winter. Badass Longcoat: Arashiyama of the Red Imperial Army. Cool Old Lady: Saniwa, leader of the Haniwa movement. Cloning Blues: Kuon Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette: Kuromitsu. Face Heel Turn: Benkei. Fan Disservice: Arashiyama exposes a resistance fighter’s breasts before killing her, just because he can. 5 Bad Band: The Red Imperial Army Big Bad and Evil Genius: Hasegawa The Dragon: Arashiyama Dark Chick: Kagetsu The Brute: Kurumasuo The Mole: Kuon Gainax Ending Immortality: One of the main focuses of the story. Kuromitsu is From a Single Cell. Immortality Seekers: The Red Imperial Army. They want Kuromitsu’s blood because it can make them immortal, and their pursuit of her underlies the entire story. Mad Scientist: Hasegawa Mind Screw/Jigsaw Puzzle Plot: Surrealism, flashbacks, illusions, and lack of explanation makes the plot near incomprehensible until the grand finale. Narrator All Along Off with His Head!: Happens to several characters. One of them is Kurou, who survives because he’s ingested Kuromitsu’s blood. One Winged Angel: Arashiyama does this during his fight with Kurou. It doesn’t work. Our Vampires Are Different: Kuromitsu and Kurou possess the desire Rain of Blood Reset Button Ending: Sort of. Time still passes, but in the end it’s shown that the events of the story continually repeat themselves, even down to the characters involved and that it’s likely that nothing will ever change. La Rsistance: The Haniwa movement. Kurou helps them fight the Red Imperial Army. Too bad they all get killed. Love Makes You Evil: Benkei and Kuon Scenery Porn: Every other second. Yes, even the bloody parts. Scenery Gorn: Every other second (The other half). Super Serum: Kuromitsu’s blood has this effect on a few of the people who are injected with it. The rest don’t survive. Super Soldiers: The field generals of the Red Imperial Army, thanks to Kuromitsu’s blood. One reason the RIA is chasing Kuromitsu is so they can use her blood to make more. Time Skip: The show skips thousands of years early on. Who Wants to Live Forever?: Kuromitsu’s immortality makes her a continual target of the Red Imperial Army Replica Bags.

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