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After all, practically everyone in the country has at least


August 17th, 2013

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3 steps to achieving your goals sooner rather than later

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Fake Hermes Bags # Xenophobia_Hospitality_Reconaissance

When one, two and more people come from different nations, different from each other, with cultures and mentalities
When these, manage to make a fortune or pull their pin and come to expatriate currencies to make live those of theirs stayed at
When one manages to have and to keep for oneself a whole sector of activity, and often even to make the unfair concurrency to the… When one has the pellet to laugh at the misery of the nationals to the point of offering them treatments to the inhuman limits, just by what we are
When we allow ourselves to invite ourselves often to the political debates to the point of wanting at the moment to blame, to exclude and to condemn those of the nationals who by nationalism, worry and fear of the
Were doubting the real motivations and the sincerity in the long run of the other coming from elsewhere,
(National skeptics) are found wicked, ridiculous and v are almost forbidden of
It is necessary to mark a pose and to return to oneself, before and in order to find the best answers to all these brothers always skeptical, and worried rightly or wrongly perhaps,
> Whose points of view differ from

Often with our refusal to listen and give others the right to explain, we have transformed them into an invincible opponent or
With our useless struggles, we projected an image wrong and demeaning of the country, and it serves us: ” # Pays_Xenophobe ”.

Let’s put the ball on the ground, let’s avoid the insults and other allusions For the truth, it is together that we
The jokers, it is those who will tell you that they can do without others or build alone this
The construction of this country remains the business of all, with a claim to positions and functions that only allow the texts and not our moods and
God we Norbert Koffi #
With Bienvenu Koffi Fake Hermes Bags.

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