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Add to that Bath’s narrow defeat by Toulon (24 20)


January 19th, 2018

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apples are ripe for the picking

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cheap replica handbags Why there’s no end in sight to European misery for English teams07:00, 14 DEC 2017Leicester Tigers players during their defeat to Munster in Limerick. Photo by INPHO/Billy Stickland There have been few times in recent memory that English clubs have failed to win a single game between them during a round of top flight European Cup rugby.But that is exactly what happened last weekend in the Champions Cup.There were some thumpings, too.Tigers lost 33 10 at Munster, Wasps lost 49 29 in La Rochelle and champions Saracens were hammered 46 14 at home to Clermont Auvergne.Add to that Bath’s narrow defeat by Toulon (24 20), Harlequins losing 17 5 at home to Ulster, Exeter’s 18 8 reverse at home to Leinster and Northampton’s 43 32 embarrassment to the Ospreys and it was a miserable time for all seven English clubs.While only Harlequins Designer Replica Handbags and Saints are now out of the competition, the other sides have a real battle on their hands already and we are only half way through the competition.No English team leads a pool.Is English rugby in crisis? So, can we assume that English rugby is in crisis? The salary cap needs to go up? The Pro 14 and Top 14 teams have got the edge in big clashes?Of course not.What English teams do have to deal with, however, is the weekly brutality of the Aviva Premiership. Because the league is so fiercely competitive, clubs quite rightly want their best players kitted up week in, week out.Over the borders of Scotland and Wales and over the Irish Sea, Pro 14 clubs are told to rest their best players to protect them for big games and international duty. cheap replica handbags

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