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October 8th, 2013

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Fake Designer Bags Before the election was called, protection of the French language and the secular charter were expected to be the core of the PQ’s campaign. But they quickly took a back seat to talk of sovereignty during the early weeks of campaigning. The charter re emerged with a thud in late March when Janette Bertrand, the head of a pro charter group known as the Janettes, told a bizarre identity politics story suggesting rich Muslim men were about to take over the swimming pool in her apartment building. Marois did not distance herself from Bertrand, but accused Couillard of not having a plan to deal with such issues. Couillard accused Marois of practising divisive politics. Marois then confirmed a PQ government would use the notwithstanding clause to over ride Canada’s constitution and push through the charter if the Supreme Court were to declare it illegal. And on it went. Fake Designer Bags

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