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___June 19, 2017A van attack on a crowd of Muslim worshippers


January 17th, 2014

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Two Virginia state troopers also died in the crash of their helicopter, which was monitoring the rally.___June 19, 2017A van attack on a crowd of Muslim worshippers near two north London mosques killed a 51 year old Bangladeshi immigrant and injured nine other people. The worshippers were spilling out of the mosques following Ramadan prayers. Police characterized the incident as a terrorist attack directed at Muslims.___April 7, 2017A man drove a stolen beer truck into a crowd of afternoon shoppers outside the upmarket Ahlens store in Stockholm, killing four and injuring 15 others.

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Have a president who his dismantling every institution that we hold dear, said Robert Becker, a senior adviser to Sanders presidential race, who was not critical of Brazile timing but wants recriminations to end. Time to bury this hatchet. We need to get into the business of winning some elections here.

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