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7%), one for “vulgar incidents”, the other for bad language


November 21st, 2012

No comments Every day about 90 thousand people are served food. It is said that this temple is open 24 hours.

It is said that there is a gathering of festivals in this temple about 80 crores per month.

Akbar screamed, silent everyone. First time you will be punished by the early morning.

Akbar left the court again. That’s it, but no one is blessing the stream near the village from the rain, the floods have come and they have taken all, all the agony of life make a ditch, no one digs a ditch, no one cleans the bed of the brook, they all throw rubbish into it… It’s good that people accept their fate with serenity but it’s bad that they do nothing to change it… > It’s good that people get along with their lives, but it’s bad that they do nothing to have a beautiful life…

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