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3- comprehensive certificate of experience from one year


March 24th, 2014

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Union of Universities Egypt half-year grant for students, alumni and experience
top 10 Diplomas accounting (professional) (process) (certified) in the Middle East
from Cairo University and Ain Shams University
______ ——– ———— ——- ________ —-

The goal of Cairo University or Ain Shams University
Goodbye to the accounting courses, Students and graduates to connect the theoretical reality with the practical reality and work with major accounting firms and large companies

1 – Diploma of professional financial accountant and 9 courses Accounting Professional free
at a price of 600 C only for a limited period
(Tax – Commercial Companies – Contracting – import and export – transactions with banks – tourist restaurants – electronic accounting – process status in English – Advanced Excel)
2- Certificate Bdblomh accountant financial professional PFA Cairo University or the adoption of Ain Shams University.
3- comprehensive certificate of experience from one year to three years, certified from an accredited accounting of accountants and auditors record office.
4-inclusive Almitrial CD for more than a thousand books in accounting < 5 - Comprehensive books, practical cases and all the explanatory notes for each lecture comprehensive written tools To work at least five workshops for professional accounting practice
7- exam at the end of training to assess your level in the case of non-exam passage you the right to return the parts that did not pass the exam you can repeat them again
Bai are not absorbed from the training Vocational
8- Praise be to God was the approval of Ain Shams University and Cairo University to be training
10 Accounting 600 c
courses instead of 3000 c
9- for the first time lecturers needed to be professionals and practicing the profession and the experience of training does not Less than 20 years)

(Auditors of joint stock companies – Legal accountants – Chief accountants – Financial managers) Cairo University branch appointments __ ________________
1-Htbdo on Alatnen 2 nd / 2/2015 two days a week Alatnen and Thursday
every week
1- from 2 pm from 5 pm to 8 pm on
2 One condenser on Friday, April 2, 20155 pm to 8 pm | ———-
Giza branch dates

1 – Sunday and Wednesday will start from next Wednesday, > From 6 pm to 9 pm | ————————————– ———————————
Mo’ayed branch of the new Egypt

1- On Sunday And Wednesday from Wednesday 4, 5 pm from 7 pm to 9 pm 2-day intensive one on Friday, 2015/26 from 2 pm to 6 pm 3- Saturday and Tuesday starting from Saturday, 7??? 5 from 6 am to 9 pm. Designer Replica Bags

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